Monday, July 10, 2006

What do I want...

Any guess?? well, I got none... surely, this has been one thought on my head for few days now, I scratch my head again but as usual i got no where with the chain of thoughts...

  • When I was a teen, I wanted Richard Gere
  • I wanted to become sooper famous by 22
  • I want to become a global manager and roam around the world discussing high profile strategies (like when Phoebe from Friends becomes a Merill Lynch consultant)
  • I want to own a 'small car' (SLK 55 is small - no?)
  • I want to be the coolest mom ever (dont get any clues here)
  • Before that I want to jump off a plane (No silly, Sky diving i meant)
  • I want to form/work fulltime for a NGO group
  • I want to own a farm house when I retire, farms till my eyes can reach (at that age, it wont be too far)

yadi yadi know how mind works!

Now, the other side of the head dictates just hard core reality and practical possibilities, the one that says, "Honey, lets get real here...Richard Gere??" Some of these things i realized are still possible, yet there is a silver fine line between what I want and what I can get...Anyways, who really knows what one wants, ye?

While you ponder on your wishes, I'd say for now i want a piece of that yummmmy rum soaked tiramasu from Buca Di Beppo! :)

...and hey, thanks for hanging around sooo long! :)